Cowbelly Stock Dog Images + photographer Jamie Pflughoeft

The Cowbelly brand is synonymous with fun, candid, highly expressive imagery that engages viewers and is designed to elicit strong positive emotional responses.


Dog and cat photographer Jamie Pflughoeft provides pet photography services and stock dog and cat images to commercial accounts and has over 8 years of commercial pet photography experience working with all kinds of businesses, from major worldwide corporations to the mom and pop startup.

Clients seeking specialized photography may elect to use Jamie’s photography services in San Francisco, where she has an extensive database of animal models of all ages, colors and breeds and a long list of great locations for shoots. Alternatively, Jamie is happy to travel both nationally and internationally and has experience doing dog photography in locations like Napa Valley, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tampa, Denver, San Diego, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and more.

Regardless of the location, Jamie will work with you to help you achieve your goals for any campaign or project, and as both a business owner and consumer of pet products has a keen understanding of what consumers find appealing in terms of imagery and design. Jamie understands the importance of improving on her clients‘ bottom line and keeps this in mind during every aspect of a project. Jamie takes a win-win approach to every business relationship she forges.

Commercial photography rates are based on the scope of each project. Day rates and licensing terms of agreements can be provided on request. Please contact us for a formal rate quote for your project.


Dog and cat stock photography images are available as royalty-free and rights-managed licenses. Rates for royalty-free images depend exclusively on size; rates for rights-managed images depend on specific use.

Royalty-free licenses are available for low-res web files, and may be purchased directly through this site using the stock menu tab.

Standard rights-managed licenses can be purchased directly through the site using the stock menu tab.

Premium rights-managed licenses, which are the most unique images, are purchased from Jamie. For rights-managed licenses, please contact, with answers to the following questions:

1. What is your deadline for needing the image(s)?
2. What will the images be used for? (ex: print, advertising, books, packaging, advertising, website). Please provide as much information as possible here.
3. What quantity of images are you needing?
4. What size will the images be used? (ex: for print: 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, cover, spot, full-res, low-res, etc). If web use, please specify the dimensions/resolution needed (ex: 400x600, 600x800, 1020X700, etc.)
5. If on packaging/products, where will the image(s) appear? (ex: front, back, wrap cover, side, insert, spot). What size will the images be on the packages?
6. What quantity will be printed?
7. What is the duration of the license? (ex: 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, in perpetuity)
8. Where will the image be used? (ex: United States, US + Canada, Europe only, Worldwide)
9. Will the images be used for any other promotional purposes in addition to their primary purpose? (Website, marketing materials, advertisements, etc). Please list all other uses here.
10. Are you needing exclusive use, limited time exclusive use, or regional or industry exclusivity?
11. Are you looking for full buyout or copyright transfer?
12. Which specific Cowbelly images are you considering licensing?
13. If a design firm, who is your end client?